To prove that I mean it when I say I’m shutting up about macarons, I thought I’d post what I ate for dinner the other night.  It’s pretty simple, chicken salad and potato chips.

Everyone likes their chicken salad a little differently so I won’t go into my preferred way too much.  Just know I like mine with chicken (of course!), celery, grapes and dill, with the dressing as a mixture of sour cream and mayonnaise.  I like the grapes big and the celery finely chopped.  And that’s all I’m gonna say about that.

Instead, I’m going to focus in on the potato chips.  For some reason, I thought it would be fun to fry my own potato chips.  But as I stood at the stove, frying potato chips, I wondered why I thought this would be fun.  I mean, it took a really long time to fry 3 potatoes worth of potato chips!

Some key takeaways:  Make sure to fry in a big enough pan.  Make sure the oil stays hot and a constant-ish temperature.  Make sure to use a mandoline, because the idea of slicing 3 russets into “paper thin” slices is mind-boggling otherwise.

I used my mandoline and sliced the potatoes over a large mixing bowl filled with water so that the potatoes wouldn’t brown until I was ready to fry them.  In a show of true laziness, I didn’t even peel the potatoes beforehand.  Before frying, I pressed the slices between two kitchen towels to dry them out a bit.

This saucepan is a 2-1/2 quart shallow saucepan and I chose it because it’s what I typically do all my frying in.  But next time, I will seriously use a bigger saucepan.  It took me something like an hour to fry all those chips, ridiculous!

Keep the temperature at around 350-degrees, so a candy thermometer helps.  I found a one-in, one-out method helped to keep the temperature constant, as opposed to frying in batches.  Fry them until they’re golden brown on both sides.  Remove to a paper towel for oil to drain and sprinkle with salt.

These will taste great the day of, but lose a lot of crispness overnight.  I am hoping that is due to a lack of preservatives rather than my lackluster frying skills.  🙂  Also, another thing is, I was amazed at how clean the oil stayed after all that frying.  I didn’t think about how, without batter to collect in the oil, it will stay pretty clean!