In a desire to be healthy, I made baked quinoa the other night.  It was pretty good the night of, though it didn’t have as crisp a texture as I would have liked.  Also, I seriously underseasoned it, but hey, it’s healthy!

The next day, they did not make the most appetizing looking leftovers, so I tried to shake things up a bit.

Step 1:  Shape leftover quinoa into patties.

Step 2: ????

Step 3:  Profit!

I didn’t think the quinoa would keep its shape without a binder, so I dunked it into flour, then some beaten eggs, then bread crumbs.  Then I very carefully put them onto a hot skillet and then very carefully flipped them and then very carefully transferred them to some paper towels to dry.  They still fell apart though.  But the crunchy outer coating was very nice and it was delicious with sour cream.