My friend Surabhi had a great idea the other day to get together and make gnocchi.  I have never made gnocchi before and have heard that it can be pretty tricky.  And actually I have eaten exactly two bites of gnocchi in my entire life but the idea (pillowy clouds of fluffy mashed potatoes) sounds like heaven so I really wanted to try it.  And two cooks are always better than one so away we went!

Two is better and three is even better-er!  Three is fan-freakin’-tastic!

The basic gist of gnocchi is to cook potatoes, add in flour and then mix together until it forms a dough.  We followed this particular recipe because it used the word “ultimate.”  I mean, that was my logic.  I don’t know what made Surabhi agree to it.  But when you can make the ultimate gnocchi, why would you settle for anything less.  It’s got to be the only one worth making, right?

Verdict:  I think so.  It’s hard to gauge, because we forgot to weigh the potatoes and believe we may have used too much, throwing the ratios out of wack.  Also, having never really eaten gnocchi before, I couldn’t figure out if this is what gnocchi was supposed to taste like.

I read that the most important thing to control in making gnocchi is moisure.  Like pie crust, more moisture = more flour = tougher dough.  So you bake the potatoes instead of boiling and then rice them in a thin layer so that they can cool evenly instead of mashing (which can produce a glue-y texture).  I do believe this is the first time my ricer has been used and it wasn’t even me who used it, it was Michelle!

True story: the guy who gave us the ricer wrote us a note with it that said: “Dude, before I stepped into Bed, Bath and Beyond, I didn’t even know rice was a verb.”  I think that comment made my month.

After adding the flour and making a dough, you roll it into ropes and cut it.  Actually, according to the directions, you roll it down a gnocchi board to create grooves and press it to create a dimple.  As you can see, we did not get that fancy:

We didn’t have time to groove!  How sad that sounds.

After that, you drop them in hot water until cooked.  We served this with a pesto sauce and some bruschetta.  Of course, the best part was cooking with Michelle and Surabhi and the great company.

Boys!  Where did they come from?

From the couch, where they played their video games.  Of course.