I really love lobster but my experience with it is pretty limited.  You know how, sometimes you go to Chinese restaurants, and they serve “shrimp with lobster sauce.”  Well, lobster with lobster sauce was pretty much the extent of my experience of lobster until college.  If you’ve never had Chinese lobster sauce, it’s hard to describe, except that it’s creamy, goes great on top of rice and is generally delicious!

So when I heard of a lobster roll, I was all kinds of curious.  I tried my first lobster roll in Seattle and was hooked.  I couldn’t tell which part I liked more – the buttery toasted bread or the tasty lobster salad on the inside.  Thankfully, with a lobster roll, you don’t have to choose – you can enjoy it all!

Lobster rolls are traditionally made with a New England hot dog roll, which is basically a split top roll.  Normal hot dog rolls are side-split.  There is also a big split between how to dress the lobster, between purists who insist on just lobster and those who like add other things to shake things up.

I like to shake things up so I added a bit of mayo, green onion, salt and pepper, a squeeze of lemon and a bit of Tabasco sauce.  A lot of recipes listed chopped celery but I omitted it this time and I think I would omit it next time as well.  Also, I cut my lobster into approximately 1″ chunks, but I think that might be too big.  The lobster kept falling out of the bread, so I think next time, smaller chunks is definitely better.  I think it tastes best when the lobster is chilled so after cooking the lobster, mixing everything together and letting it sit in the refrigerator is the perfect way to get all the flavors to mix together!

In my experience, a 1.5 pound lobster would yield about half its weight in usable meat, which can yield two sandwiches.