I was commenting to Martin last night that I love to throw parties and it’s true, I do!  I love preparing the menu beforehand and organizing how to get everything made and on the table.  Then I love just kicking back and relaxing with my amazing friends!  I feel so lucky to know so many great people in this area and I am constantly inspired by the work they do, the blogs they write and just the everyday things that they do so well.

To make me weirder, I even enjoy the process of cleaning everything back up and putting everything back into its rightful place.  From destruction to construction, perhaps?

A big thanks to everyone who came out last night to celebrate my 27th birthday!  I felt very loved and had an all-around wonderful time.  🙂

Since this is a blog about food, I’ll stop with the mushy and start with the menu!  This was the spread I laid out, with much help from Leslie:

Red Sangria
White Sangria

Rosemary Focaccia
Jessie’s Ham Party Rolls (similar to the linked recipe)
Guacamole + chips
Cheese tray: Goat Cheese rolled in dill, Brie (Fromager d’Affinois) with Sweet Pepper Jelly, P’Tit Basque with Salami
Crackers:  Everything Flatbreads, Mary’s Gone Crackers, Back to Nature Poppy Thyme
Spiced Herbed Nuts (I think these may have been a little overbaked, sorry!)
Deviled Eggs

Michelle’s Amazing Caramel Popcorn (recipe posted later!)
Lemon Madeleines
Ice Cream Cake
Rainbow Cake (recipe later!)

I really hope no one went home hungry!  I know I probably should have planned for more savory foods, but my sweet tooth apparently cannot be contained.