I sat here for a few minutes, trying to come up with a witty intro to this post but really, guys, I’ve got nothing.  I’ve got two songs swimming through my head and there’s just no room for anything else.  I must be something on a country / folk / twang-y binge, because here are the last three songs that were stuck in my head:

1/  Tobacco Road, performed by the Nashville Teens
2/  Home, performed by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
3/  Walk on Boy, performed by Doc Watson

I think Tobacco Road started as the title of a book, but it’s a pretty apt description of North Carolina, since its the leading producer of tobacco in the country.  I think the term Tobacco Road is also used when talking about the basketball rivalry between Duke, Carolina and NC State since they’re all contained within a 30 mile radius.  I really really wish NC State basketball would stop sucking so much.  It’s such a discouragement to love collegiate basketball and to have your home team be so very bad.

It’s starting to become a tradition between me and my dad that when basketball season rolls around, he’ll say, “This is their year.  I think they’re going to be good this year.”  When I challenge this statement, he responds with something like, “Well, this year they’re getting a McDonald’s all-star” or “This year, they have a really great forward coming in and he brought his cousin and his best friend, who are also amazing!”  Well, Dad, I think we’re six years and running on this conversation and they haven’t made it to the NCAA since 2006.

No matter how much (or maybe because) the Wolfpack sucks, I’ll still always hate Duke.  Smug bastards.  Have you ever met anyone from Duke you didn’t want to punch in the face at some point?  Neither have I.

So anyway, I guess I got a little off topic.  ACC basketball does that to me.  Where were we?  Oh, right.  Food.  Here’s something a bit different than what I normally make, flavor-wise, anyway:

Ta da!  Zucchini pilaf.  I’m probably going to sound like a broken record, but … insert dramatic pause … Amy suggested it to me. I think one time, someone said that Amy was better than an encyclopedia.  I agree.  She is a great resource for pretty much anything, but especially recipes and double-especially vegetarian ones.

I started cooking and only when it came time to make the yogurt-garlic sauce did I realize that, despite my embarrassingly excessive spice collection, I did not have any dried mint!  So I made it without and still thought it was tasty.  I’d love to try again with the mint.

It doesn’t seem like this dish will have the indicated four servings, but the final result is very rich (especially because of the Greek yogurt) and it doesn’t take much to fill up.  I liked how the raisins softened after cooking and the nice crunch the toasted almonds added.  I do feel like this is more of a fall / winter recipe.  It felt too heavy for the warm summer evening we ate it on.