Mother freaking mother, y’all, it is hot as balls here right now.  I’d commented that it was a very cold summer in California this year and it’s like that came back to bite me in the butt with a vengeance.  It hit 100-degrees today and because I can’t figure out how to work our air conditioning, it was a very hot day today.  I stayed cool by thinking cool thoughts (didn’t really help), drinking lots of water (that helped some more) and eating ice cream (probably only short term-ly helped but it sure tasted good).

I had very good intentions of putting up a blog post today because it had been awhile (and I’ve been meaning to talk about rosemary focaccia for a good two weeks now!) but I can barely stand to have the computer near me because of the residual heat.

So I’ll make this quick and tell you about a panini I recently made based on the leftovers in our fridge that was delicious, in case you’re ever like me and bored with eating the same thing (yummy though it may be). This one was shredded chicken with avocado, smoked mozzarella and pesto mayonnaise.

I am (embarrassingly) terrible about consuming / using leftovers so I was really proud of myself on this one and that is why I am about to detail how this sandwich came into creation.  The chicken came from some fried chicken I’d made a couple of nights before.  We had half an avocado and the stub end of a piece of smoked mozzarella.  The chicken cooked up a bit dry, so I was worried about it being even drier in the sandwich, which is why I added the mayonnaise.  I think sun-dried tomato mayonnaise would be tasty too.

I didn’t always love pesto, so perhaps that’s why I love it so very much now.  I could eat it in pasta, spread on crackers or with my finger, I think it is so yummy.  Whenever I make a batch, I almost always have extra so I freeze any remaining and I use this handy dandy ice cube tray for easy portioning.  That way, I can pull out either a little or a lot whenever I need it.  There’s so much oil in the pesto that just sitting on the counter thaws it out in no time.  For the pesto mayonnaise, I took out just one (easy portioning for the win!) and mixed it with mayonnaise and a bit of salt and pepper until I wanted to eat it by the spoonful.  But instead, I spread it on the sandwich.  Restraint, I can has it.