When Ashley and Jordo / Little J served the cracker-crusted tuna, they served it with bok choy mixed with a little garlic and sesame oil.  I didn’t have any bok choy, but I did have some corn and edamame in the freezer and this delicious-looking recipe.  The recipe, conveniently, even adds a dash of sesame oil for flavor!  The only things missing (besides bok choy) were Ashley and Jordan!

I cringe a little because I think there is (wait for it) too much yellow in this dish. I know, right!?  Can you believe I said that?  Was that a flying pig that just went past your window?  But it’s true.  When I was at the grocery store, the red cherry tomatoes were looking really sad, all pale and washed out looking, so I opted for the yellow cherry tomatoes.  My taste buds thank me but my eyes are a little bit sad.

Overall, a great and refreshing side that I could see being used multiple ways.  The sesame oil adds an interesting flavor. We omitted the cilantro because we are not cilantro fans.  The recipe also notes that it should be served hot or warm, but I thought it tasted pretty good cold the next day, too.