Whenever I get a sushi craving, I head down to the nearby Japanese market and contemplate all the nicely cut slices of raw fish displayed for sale.  For several minutes, I stand in front of the case and ponder the pros and cons of the displayed ahi tuna, yellowtail or uni.  Then, quick as a flash, I grab unagi, salmon, tobiko and hotatgai and head for the door.  I am so.very boring because I go home and make the same sushi the same way I always do.  One of these days, I’m going to have to branch out.  One of these days, I will branch out.

Just not this last day.  Or perhaps the next.  But soon, I promise.

When I make sushi, I measure out 2 cups of sushi rice.  There are many ways to make the vinegar mixture you pour over the rice and many opinions about things like boiling the mixture together, fanning the rice or how to cook the rice.  But I usually don’t have the time to let a vinegar mixture cool, so I stir together 3 tbsp. rice wine vinegar with 1 tbsp. sugar and 1 tsp. salt.  It can take awhile but most of it will dissolve and that’s good enough for me.

I take the rice bowl of our rice cooker, gently break up the rice with my rice paddle and let it cool on the counter for about 10 minutes.  Then I pour the vinegar mixture on top and mix it together.  While the rice is cooling, I prepare the seafood.  Usually once I am done preparing the seafood, the rice is slightly warm to the touch and still easily manipulated.  I one time made the mistake of letting the rice cool too much and it resulted in chunky rice distribution.  Talk about sushi fail.

This is what goes inside my favorite sushi roll:

I cut the scallops and salmon into small cubes and mix it all up with a little bit of mayonnaise and sriracha and a lot o’ bit of tobiko and green onion.  I could eat this with a spoon straight up.  I have eaten this with a spoon straight up.  I am not ashamed to admit that.  Luckily for Martin, some of it does end up rolled up with a couple of slices of avocado.

After that, the remaining rolls are some combination of this mixture, unagi and avocado.  I cannot for the life of me plate them attractively, so I just line them up on a plate and Martin and I happily stuff our faces.

Sushi My Way

2 cups sushi rice
3 tbsp. rice vinegar
1 tbsp. sugar
1 tsp. salt
Filling (approximations):
5 sea scallops
1/4 lb. salmon
2 tbsp. tobiko
1 tbsp. mayonnaise
1/4 cup sliced green onions
1 tsp. sriracha
Other things that go inside sushi:
Even more tobiko
Thin avocado slices
Unagi (cooked in the oven)

1-  Cook the rice with equal parts water (or with the marking guide on the side of your rice cooker).

2-  When rice is finished cooking, take the rice out of the rice maker and let sit for 10 minutes.   Pour the vinegar mixture over the rice and gently fold until the rice is evenly wet.

3-  Take a sheet of nori and place it shiny side down on top of a bamboo roller.  I think it took me eight sushi attempts before I realized which side was “shiny.”  Hey, no judging.  Use the rice paddle to scoop out some rice because you don’t like how the rice sticks to your fingers.  Use the paddle to gently spread the rice, leaving about a 1″ strip at the bottom of the nori free.

4-  Fill the strip with a thin line of the sushi mixture.  Add a couple of slices of avocado.  Starting with the side with the filling, gently and tightly start rolling the sushi up.  When it’s done rolling, use the bamboo roller to squeeze everything together.

5-  Splash a bit of water on your knife and tap it to shake off excess water.  Cut the roll in half, then line up the two halves together side by side.  Halve the halves, then halve each half again.

6-  Arrange on plate, eat and enjoy.

Servings:  6 rolls or 4 rolls and 4 hand rolls.