Awhile back, something amazing happened.  Something San Francisco hadn’t seen in at least two years.  It was epic, it was legendary, it was …

This guy!

YES, Brian came into town!!  A transit conference pulled him our way and we made sure to take advantage of the brief time together and have Brian and friends over for dinner.  There were hot dogs and beers, devilish eggs and Cajun potatoes.  There was also this dessert:

Sorry for the horrible photo, guys.  Entertaining and food porn don’t mix!

This was my first attempt at making a charlotte and a tiramisu and I decided to try both at the same time.  I learned a lot.  I learned lining a springform pan with ladyfingers is finicky and time consuming.  I learned this dessert is easy and fast to pull together, but you shouldn’t leave it to the last minute (see previous sentence) (also it needs to sit together for at least 6 hours to get all happy and soft).  I learned there are soft and hard ladyfingers.  I learned I bought the wrong kind.  🙂

And finally, I learned it tastes just as good mashed up into a big mound of sugar and fat the next day and heck yeah, I would totally make this again.

I basically followed this recipe with a few minor changes.  First, because I’d bought the wrong ladyfingers, I combined 1/3 cup Bailey’s with 2/3 cup coffee in a shallow bowl.  Then I dipped one side of the ladyfingers – not too long or else they’ll collapse.  Darn porous ladyfingers.  Second, I cut back on the sugar by 1/4 of a cup because I don’t like things too sweet (and it was already pretty sweet!).  And finally, I dumped rather than dusted cocoa powder on the top of my tiramisu, because I’m heavy handed like that.