It all started with an innocuous enough looking sign:  Green Beans, $2.00 / lb.  Only … the beans were purple!  Not just any purple – a deep, beautiful aubergine, in fact.  I honestly had no idea green beans could be so pretty or, really, any other color but green.  I asked the grocer, who said that they were a bit sweeter but pretty much exactly the same.

Same or not, I could not get over how lovely they looked.  I admit it, something as simple as a new look on an old vegetable can immediately impress me!  Don’t judge me for liking my food to taste good AND look nice!

Oh who am I kidding … judge away, I know you are!  I like yummy, pretty food and I’m not afraid to say it.

And so begins my love affair with any green beans that aren’t, well, green.  I took them home and prepared them my favorite way: I coat them in olive oil, spread them out on a baking pan and sprinkle them generously with salt and freshly cracked black pepper.  Then I roast them in high heat for a few minutes, enough so they’re still crisp but the sweet flavor can come out.

Disappointingly, after roasting, these ended up looking no different than their green cousins.  But they did not disappoint in the taste department and were very delicious.

This week at the Farmer’s Market yielded no purple green beans but I was able to complete the trifecta: YELLOW!  The minute I saw them, they called to me.  Knowing my love of all things yellow, how could I possibly not get these beans?

And then, having gotten them, how could I not eat them?

This is pre-roasting.  YUM.